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Sleek & Robust. The LX Series will change the way you think about golf carts. The cart's features are bold yet defined making it hard not to look at. Our flagship series with the most customisable options. A cart you'll want to tell everyone about. 

Each cart is hand assembled with the finest in quality standards. With fewer than 20 carts assembled a month you can be assured of a cart which has been assembled with the minutest details in mind. 

AC Drive Technology with regenerative braking for a high-torque & efficient drive. Spacious dashboard design. LvTong AC Controllers with a minimum amperage of 350amps for enhanced torque and efficiency, with a broad range of customisable parameters and easy on-site diagnostics.  All models fitted with RoyPow LiFePO4 lithium batteries. RoyPow automatic rapid chargers are fitted on board for easy plug and play convenience. Ergonomic seats. Rack & Pinion Steering. PP Automobile Grade Injection Moulded Resin for all our plastic components for a durability as well as a finish that is aesthetically pleasing. Merging luxury and performance, the LX Series will transcend expectations. Be unique, Drive Drake. 

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