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Model Range

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About us


Established in 2017 by two avid golfers disgruntled with the carts currently available on the market. They wanted a cart that would change the way we think about golf carts. A cart that would be different, a cart that had style, a cart that wasn't the same as what everyone else was driving, they wanted a Drake. That's where it all began...

Drake Golf Carts is a family run business which takes pride in a personalised customer experience and a market leading golf cart. Each golf cart has it's own unique chassis number, and is hand assembled by a small yet passionate team of craftsmen. Each cart, once assembled undergoes thorough quality control checks & rigorous testing to ensure the finest quality & results for our small yet loyal customer base.

We use robust and reliable parts & components to match international standards with parts & components both imported from the USA, UK, Canada & China and locally manufactured. This is how we can back our carts with the an unmatched 3 year limited warranty.

Our Promise

We take our business extremely seriously and pride ourselves in offering an outstanding level of service and support to both individual owners and fleet customers, and aim to exceed the expectations of all our clients.


When purchasing a cart from DRAKE GOLF, COMMERCIAL & LIFESTYLE CARTS, you can be assured of a high quality cart as well as first class personal service and back-up.


We look forward to you becoming a business partner of ours for years to come and if you are interested in buying a new golf cart please CONTACT US for a quotation.

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cx series

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AC Drive


Coming Soon!


Subtle yet Classy. The CX Series was designed with the finest attention to detail. The round curves accentuate the flow in design. Our most stable & comfortable drive yet. You'll want all your friends and family to tag along.


The dashboard boasts our most spacious setup yet. AC Drive Technology with a 5KW Motor standardised across all models for exceptional power to efficiency ratios. The aluminium chassis provides a lightweight & efficient alternative to the standard steel chassis. Onboard charging for easy plug and play charging. All in all a cart that is a pleasure to drive.

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Why Drake Golf Carts?

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Personalised Customer Service

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Industry Leading Technology

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Robust Parts & Components for a Reliable Drive

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Be Unique. Don't drive what everybody else is driving. Drive Drake.

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Backed by a Passionate Team for all your After Sales Service Requirements

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RoyPow LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Faster Charging

Maintenance Free

Up to 10 Years Life Span

5 Year Warranty

We are proud to work in partnership with RoyPow on our lithium models. Neatly enclosed in a case with easy grab handles, this lithium battery is flipping the script on Golf Cart Batteries. The LiFePO4 offers high thermal and chemical stability. The in-built BMS adds additional safety features to the battery including over-charge, over-discharge, over-heating & short circuit protection.

Up to 75km per charge (3 -4 rounds)

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Lithium Models?

Component Suppliers

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