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cx.2 model

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Aluminium Chassis

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Lithium Powertrain

Onboard Rapid Charging

Electric Drivetrain

AC Drive Technology

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Getting From Tee-to-Green Has Never Been Easier.

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cx.2 model

The cx.2 has arrived. From start to finish the CX series was designed with simplicity and reliability in mind. We've opened up the space into the front body to create more cabin space, and an open feel. The combination of AC drive technology, and reduced curb weight due to the lightweight lithium technology and lightweight aluminium chassis makes the cx series the most efficient in it's class. We've spent a lot of time ensuring the drive is smooth and soft to get you comfortably to where you need to go! Be unique, drive Drake.

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Faster Charging

Maintenance Free

Up to 10 Years Life Span

5 Year Warranty

Our first ever lithium only series. Choose between three different battery models, depending on your range requirements. We're so confident about these batteries that we're offering an unprecedented 5 year battery warranty. No more worrying about battery watering, terminal cleaning or acidic residue in your carts - these batteries are maintenance free. Being significantly lighter than their lead acid counterpart they allow for significantly enhanced efficiency! With rapid onboard charging, the lithium models will charge 2x faster. 

Up to 70km per charge (3 -4 rounds)

*Depending on model

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Powered by lithium

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LED Lights

Protective Wheel Arches

10" Alloy Mag Rims

Roof Drainage System

Golf Bag Straps

Rear LED Tail Lights

Protective Wheel Arches

Key Features

350 Amp Motor Controller


3 Year Limited

Alloy Rim.png

10" Alloy Rims

Steering Wheel.png

High-Grip Steering Wheel


5KW AC Motor


Front Suspension

The Mcpherson independent front suspension allows for a softer and more comfortable drive as well as  improved vehicle stability on rough terrain or at high speeds.


Standard fitted with subtle yet stylish LED headlights & taillights for a comfortable evening drive.

Drainage Canopy & Spacious Bagwell

Sleek and robust roof design with effective roof drainage channel to keep the wet away from you and your clubs.
The spacious bagwell with rear storage basket to store your bags and club covers, jackets and whatever else you might need easy access to.
Cooler box, ball & club washer, and bag canopy are all optional accessories to enhance your golfing experience.



Plug & Play Rapid Charging

Enjoy fast and convenient charging with onboard rapid charging. Charging your cart is as easy as plug & play. Charge your cart anywhere, anytime without affecting your battery's health. Charge simply with your standard 220V AC household power source. 


Dimensions: 2.35mx1.2mx1.8m

Max loading weight: 360kgs

Min. ground clearance: 114mm


Min. turning radius: 2.9m


48V AC Drive Technology

5KW AC Motor

350A Motor Controller

10:1 Gear Transaxle

1200W Rapid Charge Onboard Charger

5.3kW/h LiFePO4 lithium battery

CX.2 Rear.png

*Average range per charge depends terrain, average speed, wind speed & driving style; however we have tried our best to control for average golf course driving and conditions. 

*60-70m average range per charge

Max Speed: 40km/h limited to +/- 25km/h

4-6 hours charging time

Weight (no load): 430kgs

Standard Accessories:



Rear Golf Bag Rack

Rear Storage Compartment

10" Alloy Rims

205/50-10 turf tires

Curtis 840 Meter

Self-adjusting Mechanical Rear Drum Brakes

Headlights & Taillights with Flickers

Spacious Dashboard

USB Charging Ports


Foldable or non-Foldable  Windshield

High-Grip Steering Wheel

Scorecard & Pen Holder

Battery Level Indicator

Optional Accessories:


12" Rims with Low Profile Tires

Marine Vinyl Stitched Seats

Rear Caddie Plate with Handle Bars



Ball & Club Washer

Rear bag cover

Tow Bar


Front & rear bumpers with collision absorption up to 5mph.


Powered by a 5KW AC motor & 350Amp motor controller for enhanced torque on hills & under a load. AC technology allows for higher efficiency with regenerative braking.


Self-compensating double reduction helical rack-and-pinion.


Mcpherson independent front suspension, with lower a-arm, coil spring with hydraulic shock absorber. Coil Spring and hydraulic shock absorber for the rear suspension. 


Self-adjusting Mechanical Rear Drum Brakes with conventional brake pedal & hook parking brake.


LiFePO4 lithium battery pack with high-discharge current up to 3C. Continuous discharge is up to 250A. Fitted with automotive grade BMS.


1200W Rapid onboard automatic charger


LED Headlights and Taillights with indicators for the front & rear.


Welded high yield strength aluminium alloy beams, lightweight design for durability and strength



Side mirrors along with a centre view mirror for safe driving on private roads within estates.

Colour Options: This colour chart is for reference only. Actual colours may differ.

Arctic White

Pearl Silver*


Royal Yellow**

Cobalt Blue*

Forest Green*

Carmine Red*

* denotes metallic colour.

** denotes new colour.

Ferrari Red

Space Black*


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