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827 series

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LX.2+2 Model

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All-Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

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Powered by Lithium LiFePO4

Onboard Rapid Charging

Electric Drivetrain

AC Drive Technology

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LX.2+2 model

Introducing the groundbreaking LX 827 series – a golf cart revolutionized from top to bottom, providing an entirely new dimension of driving excellence. Experience an unprecedented level of smoothness and comfort as you navigate the course and pathways.

The redesigned chassis and independent front McPherson suspension redefine the driving experience, ensuring unparalleled comfort and control. Complemented by hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels for a soft yet responsive braking sensation.

We've enhanced the powertrain for heightened torque and speed, delivering a driving performance like never before. The L827 series is standardised on Lithium LiFePO4 batteries, our carts boast more power compared to industry equivalents, ensuring a prolonged and efficient ride.

The automatic e-parking brake adds a layer of simplicity to your driving experience, while the expanded dashboard, featuring a center console and two lockable storage spaces, provides more room and convenience than ever before.

With the LX 827 series, we've seamlessly merged luxury and performance, creating a golf cart that transcends expectations. Elevate your driving experience – this is not just a golf cart; it's a statement of uncompromising excellence.

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Faster Charging

Maintenance Free

Up to 10 Years Life Span

5 Year Warranty

Lithium LiFePO4 batteries – a game-changer in every way. With over double the lifespan at less than double the cost when compared to conventional lead-acid batteries, these powerhouses offer 10 years or 3500+ charge cycles. Say goodbye to maintenance hassles – no more checking cells, topping up fluids, or dealing with acid residue. Comprised of A-Grade LiFePO4 cells with high thermal and chemical stability. Our lithium batteries are backed by a generous 5-year warranty (compared to 1 year for lead-acid), providing peace of mind. Our base models boast 50 - 60km per charge. Enjoy enhanced efficiency with their significantly lighter build material. With enhanced 2x faster rapid onboard charging. 

Up to 55 km per charge (2 -3 rounds)

*Depending on model

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Powered by lithium


4KW AC Motor

All Terrain Tires.png

Extended Roof Canopy

LED Taillights

10" Alloy Mag Rims

Side Mirrors

Spacious Dashboard w. Lockable Storage

LED Headlights

All Terrain Tires

Key Features

350 Amp Motor Controller


3 Year Limited

Automatic E-Parking Brake

All-Terrain Tires


Instrument Cluster

Hinged Windshield

Rear Fully Foldable Seat

All-Wheel Hyrdraulic Disc Brakes

*Average range per charge depends terrain, average speed, wind speed & driving style; however we have tried our best to control for average golf course driving and conditions. 


Battery Specifications

Instrument Gauge w. speed & other indicators

Battery State of Charge Meter

Sports & ECO Modes

Headlights & Taillights with Flickers

Fully Foldable Rear Seat

10" Alloy Rims

20X10-10 All-Terrain tires

Spacious Dashboard w. Centre Console, 4x Cupholders, 2x Lockable Storage and Ball & Tee Holders

1x USB-B & 1x USB-C Ports


Foldable Hinged Windshield

Soft-Touch Steering Wheel

Scorecard & Pen Holder

Standard Accessories:

Optional Accessories:

Sand Bottle


Glass Windshield & Wiper

Rear Golf Bag Holder (2x golf bags)

Cerwin Vega Bluetooth Soundbar

Weather Enclosure 

Custom Stitched Seats

Canvas Storage Cover

Custom Cart Colour



Powered by a 4KW AC motor & 350Amp motor controller for enhanced torque on hills & under a load. AC technology allows for higher efficiency with regenerative braking.


Self-compensating double reduction helical rack-and-pinion.


Hydraulic braking system with automobile style brake discs and pads for unsurpassed braking ability, long term reliability & especially useful when braking under a load. E-brake replaces the conventional parking brake for more reliable & convenient parking.


LiFePO4 lithium battery pack with high-discharge current up to 250A (120 secs). Continuous discharge is up to 200A. Fitted with automotive grade BMS.


1200W Rapid onboard automatic charger


LED Headlights and Taillights with indicators for the front & rear.



Side mirrors for safe driving on private roads within estates.


Mcpherson independent front suspension, with upper & lower a-arm, coil spring with hydraulic shock absorber. Coil Springs and hydraulic shock absorbers for the rear suspension. 


Redesigned Welded high yield strength steel beams, galvanised and powder coated for enhanced longevity.

Colour Options: This colour chart is for reference only. Actual colours may differ.

* denotes metallic colour.

** denotes new colour.

Arctic White

Pearl Silver*

Nardo Grey**

Cobalt Blue*


Ferrari Red

Space Black*

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